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Our Program

Since we are now well past the age when "normal" people retire, we are reducing the size of our beef operation so that we can take a time to enjoy what we have worked so hard to attain.  We have a number of projects that we are working on at the ranch and are going to devote more time toward getting them finished.


We will not be attending the Great Fall's Farmer's Market (or any Farmer's Markets) this year.


Traditional Range-Fed Montana Beef turns back the clock 50+ years to the way beef production used to occur:


  • No feedlot

  • No steroids

  • No feed-administered antibiotics

  • No added hormones

  • Just ---- Beef, the way it used to be!™


Our Traditional Range-Fed Montana Beef ™ is available by the whole, half or quarter.  The quarters are "full quarters" (half of a half.)  


The cattle feed on native grasses and forbs all summer-long and are free to move as they graze. This environment produces leaner, healthier and more athletic animals, with less fat per pound of body weight, and provides our customers with more meat for their dollar. Our cattle are finished on the dry native grasses in the Fall which provides for nicely marbled, flavorful beef.


Because we finish our cattle on Fall grass, our product is seasonal and limited to the number of cattle we start on grass in the Spring of each grazing season.                                         

Two Canyon Ranch

is licensed by the Montana Department of Health & Human Services. Our grassfed beef is processed locally

by a Montana State inspected packing plant. It is dry-aged for 21-days and is then cut, wrapped, frozen, and packaged to fit your family’s needs. Our custom built refrigerated trailer ensures your beef order will arrive frozen and ready for your freezer. 


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